Lordz.io – 4-Player UNSTOPPABLE ARMY

Today we play lordz.io

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  1. Wow the memories jeez this is awsome the if games r back

  2. Not kidding just 8 hours ago I remembered you playing this game and now you uploaded

  3. The 12 dislikes are from all the alt accounts of Qua

  4. I was watching an old monopoly video of yours called “ This Bot is UNBEATABLE In Monopoly” we’re cappy said auction only upvote for Jerome to see plz

  5. I never think someone could try hard soo much on an io game but QUA proves me wrong

  6. I remember being in a game with a pretty active chat way back and I had a war but everyone lost money from the endevor

    the problem was no matter how many times you killed someone their structures say so to win you have to just bully someone until they quit

  7. Steve Season 1 episode 1 Jerry
    Steve Season 1 episode 2 drops
    Steve Season 2 episode 1 cappy
    Steve season 2 episode 2 sir gwen

  8. it pains me to see jerry not press space. If u press space, u can go a lot faster

  9. Jerome:how many mines does everyone have
    Everyone at the same time :two

  10. Isint there a second version of this game with a lot more buildings.

  11. You guys should play scrap mechanic survival with everyone maybe having different bases

  12. The strategy is to occupy mines then start building housing, next is build archer and mage towers around to protect the base then you start buying troops

  13. I wanna play this game but every time I do I get a headache

  14. play moomooio
    I now play this game and play the cheap way by asking for peace at start of game and build my 5 mines and get mad buildings then troops.

  15. why did jerome justb waste all of his money on archers?

  16. hi jerome i beat lordz.io solo with random people i made some random friends but sadly there is no friending mechanics so i had to go 🙁

  17. It’s kind of annoying when he is dying and he doesn’t know what to do while having a bajillion doll hairs

  18. Puts defences around your houses and mines and if someone is attack your build and is clearly gonna take it sell it and run

  19. Jerome you’re my favorite YouTube channel Tell dropsee I have a crush on her

  20. Hey Jereome can you pls join me on lordz.io mobile 🙏🙏🙏 everyone is bullying me on there

  21. you actually dont know what your doing , do you even know you can split >?

  22. r.i.p technoblade he will be missed by all 14.3million subs

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