Llam.io – 4-Player (Max Llama Size) BEST Llama Io Game | JeromeASF

Today we play Llam.io

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  1. Bloons “challenge”

    There is no challenge you do what you want but have to BEAT wave 200

  2. Is it me or is this game the most boring game in the world I got bored in the first few minutes

    Still watched this video btw

  3. I don't know what it is but I'll take 10

  4. We all know that he got this idea from Mitch

  5. Jerome:I never make weird noises
    Also him:Were all gonna die slurp slurp
    Also also him: OH BUDDY
    Also also also him: Welcome to the Bacca slurp slurp Slurpin army

  6. ok so my only issue with this video is the multiple zoom ins on Jerome and the llama in the beginning of the video.

  7. Came here bacuse i saw mitch play this before and I enjoyed it. 😂

    Edit: I'm disappointed, there was no llama sounds.

  8. Btw I have bloons idea how about you do the nom challenge with only pat and pirates and others get Benjamin and farms

  9. Is it the best llama io game, or the ONLY llama io game?

  10. No they are alpacas

    – can't they tell
    I am alpaca expert

  11. Ma boi. Mitch has this on his channel to please make vids again with him

  12. I think there should be another pixelmon island

  13. me just waiting for jerome to upload town of salem

  14. This is what our world has become… And i love it

  15. i tried this game and on my first try i got other twenty thousand points.

  16. I thought mitch wanted to play with you.. hmm

  17. at 3:15
    Jerome- we need to find that guy in first
    Me- he is right in front of u

  18. Do a video of all the weird noises/things you guys have done please

  19. Happy llama, sad llama. Mentally disturbed llama, super llama drama llama, big fat mama llama. Don’t forget Barrack Obama he’s a llama to!

  20. Play elites io it's like agrio but easier make sure ur on dream mode

  21. Jerome I kinda didn like this vid maybe this game is not that good at all

  22. My dog just died today so I feel sad but you some how make me feel better in the first 2 seconds of watching

  23. I’m don’t mean to be mean but why is there only trash on youtube

  24. In which quadrant of the universe did you find this game?

  25. you looked like emperor from emperor's new groove

  26. Who is this new editor because it’s finally actually good

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