Legendary Duo Domination! – ZombsRoyale.io Gameplay – New IO Game like Fortnite.io

Welcome to ZombsRoyale.io! ZombsRoyale.io is a brand new io game like Fortnite Battle Royale! This battle royale io game is made by the zombs.io developer!

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► Watch Baron:

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ZombsRoyale.io Gameplay Overview:

ZombsRoyale is like Fortnite battle royale. 100 players on each map battle the other players and become the last one standing. Collect loot and heal up using med packs and shield potions! Become the Ultimate IO Battle Royale Champion!

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  1. …Only press "e" instead of shooting at it or punching!

  2. U guys know that a way to get free kills (i personally dont use this but u can) is to jump at the last minute, get a weapon and kill all the afk ppl

  3. Why shoot the crate when u can just open it?

  4. Hey Blitz and Baron did you saw the Press E?.Well Press E to open the crate!.And i think you missed it multiple times

    Edit:i am so angry at you…….if you comment back at me ill sh*t you up

  5. The last ground he carried you😂😂😂😂

  6. Dont shoot or punch the crate click e becuse your friend is always say are you shooting somebody

  7. Quick tip stop wasting ur ammo by opening chests instead press e on ir keyboard

  8. No offense but you guys are trash
    I average more kills then the letters in both of ur usernames

  9. I still play this game also its so satasfying when tou win

  10. Fortnite logic: who makes mags that only has 1 bullet

  11. I tried to play I looked at the controls but it didn't work

  12. F this it is fortnite I hope epic sews them

  13. He is no o obbbb I guess he can't doge bullets

  14. And the person u easily killed was a BOT y u so happy it's a BOT those one that wiggle Al lot

  15. Domination I dont see no dominate till the end of the vid

  16. I play on macbook pro with no mouse to!!!!!

  17. Cool implementation of Fortnite but in 2D

  18. Hmmm………………………..

  19. ⬜Common

  20. Hey you should play this game again the game is rlly dead and needs some help you got 3 mill subs so it would rlly help out.

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