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This is an archive of the 12/24/21 stream titled “ 5 Course Meal”.

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  1. I love how jerma will just be playing a game and being an e-clown and then casually just drop million year-old wizard levels of life advice right in the middle of it all

  2. Poor Jeremy, he's such a gamer that he calls food and drinks "consumables"

  3. I love the stream but I feel like Jerma was waaaay more aggressive and kinda toxic than usual. Maybe playing horror games had him on edge.

  4. I was absolutely cackling at everyone saying "peep the horror" during the slide game omg

  5. my GF HATES jerma and WOULDN'T let me PRESS THE PLAY BUTTON at 1:54:51 because she COULDN'T HANDLE HIM GETTING LOST ALL THE TIME like omg jerma WHY

  6. my GF is CRYING because she HATES jerma and I'm FORCING her to WATCH JERMA

  7. my ZOOMER GF is FUMING because she CANNOT associate with an ABSOLUTE BOOMER who gets LOTS in a STORE like a CHILD

  8. my gf DOESN'T GET IT that this game is LOUD and she's trying to SLEEP and WONT LET ME change the VIDEO

  9. YESSS..

    Edit: OMG I can't believe he did not play the fan-made Jerma-monster-rancher clone some one made…. WTF JERMA 🙁

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