.IO Games in 2019… ft La Flame, Ixplode, Arena Closer, Istealth, and every fortnite youtuber ever.

Will io games even exist in 2019? lets see.

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  1. Download the Brave browser to reduce lag in io games! It's faster than chrome and it's FREE, available on mobile and desktop – https://brave.com/nat507

    Thanks for watching and hopefully you found that this video somewhat had a structure haha

  2. Hey .io has had a good year but it has been a downfall. .io in general is fallen in popularity and deserves more love. My first .io game I played was agario in 2015 I was a god

  3. It was agar and I started right when it started. I guess am OG 🤔

  4. is moo okay later that you harassed him in the stream

  5. Good video nation I too hope laflame and IX will come back

  6. is true fortnite made many good io you tubers just leave the io game to play fortnite like la flame deleted all mope.io videos im happy that you still play mope.io and now only saengio , you nation ,fortish,dopemope,and plexx so i hope no one of them quit mope

  7. This is literally the best video you’ve ever made good job 👍. but really tho this will make all the people who say play mope on every single time someone says fortnite, and it really clears up a lot of things about other youtubers. I hope this gets to more of the io community since a lot of them are still hating so much, death threats are really stupid things online and some people don’t realize if you say that kind of shit online you can get some consequences later on. Anyways Cya :p oh and btw I started playing io games back in 2015 and agar.io was the first io game I play, oh and merry Christmas and happy holidays!

  8. i hope an io game make fortnite not the most famous game again

  9. To make a game popular u need to NOT over agzagarate(I spelled it wrong dident I)

  10. mope.io->2017
    oh and merry Christmas to you
    or slither idk (°>°)

  11. I remember agario being the first io game I played after seeing a bunch of my friends played it around mid 2015 i think. I was then addicted to agar as well as slither and wings as they were the big io games at the time. Then around mid 2016 when the big lag came made it basically impossible to play them as I couldn't properly see what I was doing or the screen would just flash on and off on diep . So eventually I quit until around late 2016 when i discovered mope and deeeep. To this day they are the only io games I can play without major lag issues unfortunately. Anyways aside from that i hope everyone is able to enjoy a good Christmas and ima piece out so this doesn't turn into a bloody essay on io games

  12. I never like it when people say like if u agree

    Well,unlike the other people,i would say dislike or reply if u agree (dont say i am begging for likes)

  13. Merry Christmas Nation and u play agario?!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  14. I think Fortnite will die because EpicGames destroyed it themselves.

  15. Hopefully the Fortnite trend is over soon and the horrible youtuber will go back to being good youtuber again

  16. My first io game I ever played was slither.io, rip ix tho he was quite entertaining but not as entertaining as you 😀 <3


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