.IO Games in 2019… ft La Flame, Ixplode, Arena Closer, Istealth, and every fortnite youtuber ever.

Will io games even exist in 2019? lets see.

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  1. I started playing Agario first and I first played in like 2014

  2. my first io game was nubulus its on ios or Samson

  3. Summer of 2015 – Agar.io

    2016 – Slither.io

    Somewhere in 2016 (first time playing Mope.io) keep in mind this was when the Highest possible animal was Lion.

    2016/2017 i started playing wilds.io

    2017 –Agar.io is Dying (I quit Agar.io)

    2018 – Agar.io is officially dead

    So far Mope.io is the best io game (for me) i have been playing it ever since it came out

  4. bro i hate ixplode so much now. i used to love watching his videos

  5. I really dont like or play fortnite but i did like it at first and i actually still do i like the concept but i do notice for me, BOI IT AINT ADDICTING LIKE SH. But it's a little bit too much aint it? Fortnite just straight up overtook games like MineCraft for example Vikkstar123 which back then played MineCraft which i do miss sadly fortnite took over, PopularMMOs which never mind fortnite is never gonna take over there at Pat's channel.

    All i am saying is that, fortnite is a good and well made game but it just seems like it drives games out of some areas for me my fav is Moomoo.io THE sandbox area which is a official sandbox area by devs accessible by the link in the menu screen of Moomoo.io itself but sandbox gets updated after the update hit like this
    Moomoo.io update hits
    SanboxMooMoo.io none
    Moomoo.io again update
    SandboxMoomoo.io UPDATES

    But i like the sandbox i lobe doing Clan Challenge with my personally made clans which is a secret duhhhhhhh but its spevific for each clan we will see once i start a youtube officially.

    P.S. I got motivated by PopularMMOs,JackSepticEye,Markiplier,LathLand,Etc. Ti start a youtube love watching their vids.

  6. Will My Mom Stop Calling Me For Bed When I’m About To Get A Epic Kill In Mope.io?

  7. This was a really good video should def do more of these

  8. I've been contacting then to try to convince them to go back to .io games…

  9. when you notice a dead song on his background R.I.P

  10. agario is my first io game btw IK WHAT BEATS FORTNITE MINECRAFT 3 xD

  11. i know im late af to this but yeah mope was basically the reason for my channel. I stopped uploading not because it got boring but because like the community had changed and i also had school yk

  12. If theres io Tubers goes to fortnite, ofc theres a minecraft Tubers goes to fortnite.

  13. Mine was 2014 and i forgot the first io game xD

  14. Damn, we lost so many legends to fortnite. But we are getting more soon to be new legends in the IO community.

  15. this is one of my favorite . io gaming channel :))

  16. Fortnite ruined our favorite youtuber, friends, and familiies, and etc now its time to take theirs.

  17. I'm watching in the spring of 2019. Anyone else?

  18. Arena closer = arenaio. Sooo arena closer stil play mope 😁

  19. I’m so sad that we had to move on without mope.io

  20. Honestly I'm not angry at ixplode for switching to fortnite, I'm angry at them because they left without any explanation and removed a lot of his old videos so people like me can't rewatch them. They have talked in their old vids about how much their community means to them, and then leaves him community behind, using them for a channel "boost" because they already have subscribers. I know I'm a year late, but all I would of wanted and I presume everyone would of wanted is an explanation.

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