.IO GAMES ARE BACK?! | BRUTES.IO Gameplay Part 1 | MasterOv’s Biggest Brute EVER!

MasterOv’s Biggest Brute EVER! | BRUTES.IO Gameplay Part 1 | Brutes.io first gameplay top of the leaderboard destruction!

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  1. You should do a collab with your baby and or Wife

  2. 24:0024:15 lol that was hilarious , you walking around in a Coffen while a Tiny little bloke came behind you and throw a bomb at you & missed, so he try to push the bomb at you, And blew him self up. i don´t know why that cracked me up 🙂
    it would be cool to see videos [MG] vs AG or some other Group in all kinds of IO games preferable new IO games

  3. MasteOv can you do a couple of slither vids or you no what would better balloon tower defense

  4. Hey where is this game is this only computer because im ios and cant download it

  5. HOLY MOLY. I remember watching your videos when you had about 5k subs and played Boom Beach.

  6. Hmmm……

    Remember when he used to do Clash of Clans

  7. WHERES THE [MG] CLAN AT?? My [MG] name is [Mg] Shelbie when playing .IO games

  8. This isn't new. This game whas like 4 months in beta

  9. Why not try out the new Britain skin ov also this update is available on the pc version

  10. Why not try out the new Britain skin ov also this update is available on the pc version

  11. Dude u should put more videos on mgmasterov plz

  12. This comment will prob get no likes but it’s my birthday so plsss sub

  13. who remembers when MasterOV used to make clash of clans videos with her girlfriend lol

  14. You should play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp!

  15. we rvreally expecting better io games plss
    do a vodeo for diep.io as well like slither…plssd

  16. Omg this is my favorite game in the world now I think you are my favorite youtuber

  17. i tried to play brutes io but there was no game i tried to downlaod it but no download where did you get it? it takes me to a website called sidequest

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