IO Games

At last, a video on man’s greatest creation: The IO Game.

⊳RPG Music Pack by David Vitas ()
⊳RPG Music by YouFulca ()



  1. i remember there was an io game that actually embraced the idea of bots and low player counts, and they made the objective of the game to figure out who wasn't a bot and kill them or something like that. pretty fun actually


  3. 😁: “IO games.”
    😳: “10 games.”

  4. you wait until .io games become too cringy of a topic and pass the clickbait threshold

  5. why does our school have actually good computers

  6. was always the king at my school. Despite the existence of servers specifically for people to team in, people would just team in the normal servers.

  7. Voodoo is a crash-grab Company.
    "Do x game, insert x game with tons of ads"

  8. I still play agario haha, it kinda makes me happy to play with other people and having fun with them

  9. I really loved playing Agario in my junior and senior years. 2014-2016. When I try to play it now, it's just been absolutely ruined by all the powerups and ads. Such a shame.

  10. You guys got to play games on the school computers?

  11. Don’t talk to me unless you’ve played craftnite

  12. I tested it, and apparently minecraft java legit runs on a school laptop better than my desktop. Like with my pc, when i load into a world, i have to wait for all the chunks to load before i move or there will be lag spikes, on the school pc it just loads and i get nearly no lag spikes

  13. If the school ever blocks a certain website you can always Google it by typing unblocked after the website back in my day teachers were a bitch so I had to do this trick

  14. my trailmakers piston engine videos: you wanna second guess that?

  15. The chat feature tells you if it has bots though

  16. Krunker is still legendary. It's a really good fast pase shooter

  17. My school literally banned every single game to stop people from playing browser games.It didn’t even work,since a few still worked,and people just played those.

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