Just started playing today and I shot straight up the leaderboard already…. totally on purpose! ►

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. I just go all the way on damage, bullet pen, bullet speed, then reload then just do the rest.

  2. Greatest quotes from JSE, "You can't avoid my balls forever!" 24:07

  3. Anyone else yelling at jack to upgrade reload speed

  4. Anyone else watching the .io games again? 🥲

  5. 5:36 some one named themselves swag king? yeah that checks out with the year this was uploaded lol

  6. Hooooly omg this was already 4yrs ago It feels like a month wow

  7. I used to play this game and I was internally screaming about him upgrading regen instead of max health lol

  8. He has become so much more quiet since these good ol days :/

  9. "fuck you poki" what he says when she votes him out in mOnG uS

  10. Jack said some pretty sus stuff back in the day!

  11. As a scientist, I loved him trying to explain agar😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  12. This got recommended to me and even if its old I still love it

  13. jack I am using my moms account plz lay down the cursing I like it but plz lay down the cursing allitle my mom is aingry but I don't care

  14. Back then these humors were still "Legal"

  15. You ever just wanna time travel back to 8th grade?

  16. I thought the wide spread shot was the worst, because you essentially cant do any damage with it lol. Sure it hits things you werent aiming for, but its so dispersed that its not doing any good, just the one shitty pellet stream in 3 directions that are too far apart. Then when you finally do see someone you wanna focus your fire on and do REAL damage to you cant lol. Looked awful to me and i think you made the right choice getting rid of it. On the other hand I havent played yet so I could just be a raving lunatic, as is often the case.

    Sorry had to edit like 5 times and I hope my message makes sense. Losing my eyesight

  17. Me: sad because hi did not upgrade reload that will make him shoot more

  18. Jack has that one temporary weakness when playing and recording..


  19. Yes let’s upgrade damage and penetration you’re not helpful is at two shots

  20. You should definitely come back to this, it’s improved a lot and so much has been added

  21. As someone who plays this game way too much, jack did a lot of correct things, its rather surprising

  22. jack in 2016 come on over jack in 2019 STAY INSIDE!!!!

  23. "Have you ever shot someone in the balls?"

    Sniper Elite devs: "Uhhhhh"

  24. upgradeing your reload ups your fire rate so thats pretty imprtant

  25. this is just touhou without lolis and old women

  26. It is so fun when he gets excited about everything. That’s the main reason I watch him. He’s just so happy.

  27. I wonder if he drank 3 cups of coffee before recording or if he's just that energetic! 😅

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