If I get killed, the game switches – .IO games

so good



  1. Day 1.
    If you see a ssniperwolf video on the home page the video ends.

    – Youtube Guest account

  2. if you use a vowel in a word playing Minecraft the video ends

  3. When you die in a game you do your face reveal

    – any game

  4. If you die the video ends
    – Da Hood roblox

  5. day 23 of asking

    if you see shrug emoji , you have to change your intro to 'Im your Little Butterfly' for 2 months

  6. You know power line I.O exists, right-question your life

  7. If you feel disturbed, you sing the song

    The tooth brushing song

  8. If you feel bad for Jerry, the video ends.
    – Jerry Broke The Wall

  9. If you feel uncomfortable the video ends: The Mandela Catalogue

  10. "If you feel motivated to fight in battle the video ends"

    -any Optimus Prime speech

  11. Why did you decide to torture yourself today?

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