I Was Paid To Try And Break Shapez.io

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The massive new wires update has arrived so that means more opportunity than ever to make a mess. This update also includes improved optimization so I’ll have to try even harder to hurt the game. Right away the automatically chaining miners make a big difference since I can now mine much faster. Then we have a better map overview which helps because now I can see my creation on a grand scale which makes it easier to improve and expand upon. Then there’s the new wires layer, which adds an entire layer to the existing game. Using these you can create all sorts of intelligent factories that can do some thinking for themselves. Things can sort and organize all by themselves once you tell them what you want. With a little time and effort you can set up some truly creative factories. Shapez.io gameplay with my commentary as always!

PC Specs – Intel – Core i9-9980XE 3 GHz 18-Core Processor
2xNVIDIA – GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB Founders Edition Video Card (2-Way SLI)
Samsung – 970 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive
Corsair – Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-4000 Memory


  1. This is EXACTLY what we have been waiting for.

  2. Sounds like breaking games and getting paid for it is fun

  3. Yo your stardew valley cheat videos don't work anymore 🙁

  4. DF after getting this request: You guys are paying people?

  5. Once you are a kpop fan, you recognize kpop as soon as you hear it!
    I SWEAR that I heard the intro to SNSD – All night at 2:53

  6. Ooh hurt the game? I know this videos gonna be good

  7. Oh that's cute, the game is trying to warn DF not to break it. That's a good one.

  8. In my opinion this game is fun but not worth paying for

  9. Do I got Minecraft Dungeons and I am wondering how you get so many uniques

  10. When did he get 1m subs?
    Anyway congrats! here’s to another 1m 😀

  11. Df I got Minecraft Dungeons and I am wondering how you get so many uniques

  12. can you trie to play gunfire reborn


  14. Glad you continued this series. I was enjoying it!

  15. I mean no offense in this, but at times he sounds like a squeakier, fast-talking trump.

  16. A draw?
    I don't except draws on this channel

  17. Game: try to keep your factories compact
    DF: No

  18. I’m more interested on how smooth the game is running now, that’s all i was interested about

  19. Please do more videos on this game! I love watching you play this!

  20. The stonks meme is perfect for this game

  21. Gamedevs "we have improved optimization so the game runs smooth now"
    DF "hold my coffee, no wait give it back I need it"

  22. DF’s voice is getting deeper…could it be?

  23. yoo how are u supposed to lag with those specs holy

  24. You’re breaking the game?
    My purple color factory is the WiFi symbol lol

  25. Who else has been waiting specifically for this video to be uploaded bc they knew the limits had to be tested again.

  26. Hey DF, is it possible that you can put the songs that are used in the description of the video, would be much very helpful

  27. Imagine he actually starts getting into making bit storage and whatever shenanigans the discord is up to

  28. I knew nothing about this game before I clicked into this video, and yet, somehow I was still entertained. Guess that's just the charm of DF, though, huh?

  29. Devs: hey what is that burning smell!
    Servers: we can't handle the pressure!

  30. It’s games like this that show how smart df is… I was lost for so much of it

  31. This is the most Canadian he's sounded in a while lol

  32. I love your videos. Thnx for the smile guy

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