I Started as a Fly But Became So Much Stronger… | flyordie.io

I Started as a Fly But Became So Much Stronger… | flyordie.io | Kindly Keyin
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  1. How did you get this game 😭😭😭😭😪😢😭😪😢😪😪😪😪😢😭😪😭😪😭😪😢😭😭😪😢😭😪😭😭

  2. that green thing is a swamp monster not a booger

  3. keyin: i have to eat these weird fruits
    me: those are bananas

  4. Can you

  5. yea i only evole into the raven even when i play many times

  6. how to kill bosses: yeti demonic imp dragon phienix giant spider demonic imp shark ptericdactel

  7. More please also YOUR ONE OF THE BEST YOUTUBER EVER….I wish I was like you…I'll start a youtube channel!

  8. me when keyin wants to eat a frog: noooooo i love frogs
    btw i love ur vids

  9. i play it to but i keep on dieing and its on poki

  10. Here are all the creatures you have missed, demonic egg eater, demonic bat, demonic emp, dragon, phonex, cosmic insect, cosmic big eye, cosmic angry eye, cosmic bat which was the flying mouth, over fed cosmic bat, ghost, ghostly reaper, flying pumpkin, pumpkin reaper, and then the grim reaper, which is the max

  11. pls make a minecraft episode with mods it would be soooooo cool

  12. I like it when he says a straight up my mummy

  13. I played this game and I dare you to get to the grim reaper stage

  14. Make more videos of this game bc this is so cool

  15. I had a dream about you yesterday that I met you and I got your ortagratht

  16. You should play restaurant tycoon in Roblox

  17. Hello my name is Aria And I want you to play more of this game please play space race please please please please

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