I Spent 100 Minutes Upgrading Weapons In Survivor io

In those 100 minutes I really learned the best way to play this game: Become unstoppably powerful and charge into every single enemy you can see. It’s a charming strategy that I plan on using in many other parts of my life.

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Game: Survivor(dot)io

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  1. the fact that this man is able to make 10-20 mins videos every day blows my mind

  2. The best loadout for me is kunai guardian drill boomerang barrier and molotov

  3. Been playing this game for well over 8 months and I gotta say I love it and I'm glad you found it DF!

  4. This man makes boring games look interesting and fun. He is the definition of “gamer”

  5. If you pick the spinning yellow things with the arm upgrade for them and also the Molotov and try to get those level up first you can worry about health later but good job😂

  6. Ok you don’t need more offense but mare defense on that level like you need to level up guardian all the way until it is full before that level well in my opinoin

  7. You should try magic survival. It is one of the best in my opinion.

  8. i had to forcibly uninstall this game it was nice short bursts of satisfaction that took over my free time

  9. How is it I have only heard him get legitimately irritated once after following him for like two years

  10. you missed forcefeild the most OP thing in the game!!!

  11. I have played this game before and it's really mint. You can combo upgrades to get a big star tier.

  12. Ah yes the game I've been playing nonstop for the last 2 weeks

  13. You can evolve so much but you just take whatever it kinda hurts watching 😅

  14. This is one game I actually played The best primary in the game is the revolver fully upgraded it one shots bosses and you want to go for the Molotov the shield and anything with AOE The spinning blade things never get the soccer ball the brick or any of the missile upgrades their garbage

  15. You should try guardian+forcefeild+drill. It's crazy defense and dps while you upgrade each one

  16. Anyone else mad he didn’t get the force field upgrade especially if u know that it’s op

  17. I know he will not read this, but when Kunai evokes, it becomes auto targeting machine gun kunai

  18. the whistling drone thing is based off of yondu's weapon in the guardians of the galaxy

  19. DF my guy, I love you…… but take the force field.
    Edit: I spoke too soon, I shouldn't have doubted you Sir.

  20. As a pro player of this game so far what I have seen it's good but the logic is crazy but works

  21. Dude! I knew you were gonna play this game!

  22. I played this game since release it is quite entertaining 😁

  23. i clicked this knowing he was gonna over use the wheels of death

  24. When DF said “healthy green glow” and the editor played a Gieger counter sound 😂

  25. The two drone types seem to be clones of Vampire Survivors' Peachone and Ebony Wings. I'll bet they evolve together as well.

  26. I always stop watching your videos for a while and then think to myself "Why did I stop?" Then I come back and scream at my monitor UPGRADE THE KNIFE TO MAX PLEASE GOD!!! and then stop watching for a few months again. LOL

  27. if you level up both drones (type A and type B) you can merge them!

  28. i got an ad for this game before the video. Funny that this is actually a better ad than the ad itself XD

  29. Gooified lol I think this DF don’t know what disintegrated means

  30. Try playing lonely survivor same concept but more fun

  31. Your main weapon is the best weapon out of all of them to upgrade first they turn into surgeons that auto-fire

  32. I got this game during DF's vacation and my immediate thought was 'DF should play this' 😂😂😂 I'm glad you you did

  33. The mine upgrades with the Molotov or the lightning, but both need to be fully leveled without evolutions.

  34. Little does DF know about the drone evolution

  35. as a consistent fellow survivor, I love this video.😊

  36. Use guardian and forcefield it kill zombie fast.

  37. This game is pretty easy in my opinion especially when you get the gear but the next maps get harder

  38. can someone decide for me because I can't which is better vampire survive or 20 minutes until dawn?

  39. lighting things on fire is the second funnest thing in science class

  40. I feel like DF should play Vampire Survivors. It’s like this game but it was made first and isn’t just a knock off. Ever since Vampire Survivors came out lots of games came out that are like it on mobile and other devices but free. But of course they will never be as good as the original

  41. if you have type-A drone and type-B Drone they evole

  42. I literally got the ad when I entered this video for some apparent reason.

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