I Ruined the FIRST EVER Countryball Game… (Agar.io)

The ORIGINAL Countryball .io Game
I Forced the BIGGEST Cities in the World to Battle

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  1. Is it me, or does a lot of Drew's dialog in this game sound…………………..yeah, you get it. lol.

  2. I can't believe he's wearing a world map shirt

  3. Hey Drew i think you should try Countryballs at war, it's a really fun game

  4. With all the times he mentioned balls or made sounds this is almost like soft porn. XD

  5. Who’s gonna tell him that there bots YEEEEAAAA

  6. Day 1 of asking drew to play SCP Containment Breach

  7. Wearing that T shirt opens up a whole pletheora of Antarctica pickup lines…

  8. I know 7 langueges hes tLking hewbrew hes saying the master can do everything

  9. The only country I'd play in agario is Germany idk why 🤣

  10. too many out of context moments

  11. Today is indias birthday and i like this

  12. Do you just name yourself the country and get the flag

  13. I hate that you called it the “first countryball game”

  14. PC is filled with bots, playing on mobile would be fun (no bots)

  15. I swar people target new people instead of threats

  16. “I need you to get inside me”
    — Drew Durnil, 2022

  17. druuuwu : we start as germany
    me : guten tag

  18. Why did you call my country ikealand its sweden

  19. 0:00 um no it was never meant to spefically be country balls just any dots

  20. I love watching a grown man playing with balls

  21. When people go right into you you can assume their game is lagging. Speaking from experience

  22. Drew : I am literally trapped from all sides

    Me : Just like no-no germany back in ww2

  23. I hate it how to this day you can see people teaming up to basically cheat at the FFA mode

  24. Drew what is your favorite flag from country ball io

  25. When somthing like this happen multiple

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