I Reached MAX SCORE SNAKE in Slither.io

I Reached MAX SCORE SNAKE in Slither.io
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  1. If u just spin in circles it s impossible to die almost

  2. The thing is the A.I and the real players target you because you to scared and you don’t sprint enough and if you don’t stop it you’ll keep getting killed

  3. My rank was 4574,4445,5665

  4. I used to watch him when i was 7 now i am 11

  5. Do you not know how to play the game mini just got to go and I like your videos

  6. It was the AI game 😂 where scoring is super ez
    I prefer to play online mode on PC and edit videos of that

  7. My best is 999999 if you want my score you can coment me how then i will talk

  8. I didn't know that he was a new player till the end😅😅😅

  9. No idea how, but i once got to 100k score. The trick is to circle all of the snakes once you are really big and trap then so they die 🙂

  10. I was trying to say that if u boost you shrink

  11. I get 1st place every day easily. I get thousands more than everyone else. In seconds i'm not lying

  12. Beat 31000 that's my high score. No I actually got it to 40 this time. Actually got it to 40 this time. I actually got it to 40 this time.

  13. Why doesn’t he have the code option ❓

  14. Yea i beat your score my score is 34810

  15. I used to have this game a long time ago Sad face double sad face

  16. Haven’t seen this dude since hello neighbour days

  17. No offense but those are not snakes they are worms

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