I reached 100000 score in Snake.io Best snake gameplay

Snake.io gameplay MY HIGHEST SCORE : 100000 Best snake gameplay.
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Snake.io is a popular game about a small snake that grows when you consume one of the enemies. The goal of Snake io is to grow the biggest snake ever.
In the game, you have to deftly manage a small snake. Collect food, this will give you length and the ability to accelerate. For every second of acceleration, mass is deducted from you, but it’s worth it. Trim other snakes so that after their death you can take their mass for yourself! and your snake will grow from small to very large.

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  4. O baby pvp o miedo te ganó bro😒😒😏😏😎

  5. Congratulations, 7 million views. I wish you many more successes, my friend.

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  7. Wow well done, I love this game too, I love you

  8. А я один раз набрал 200459

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  13. Comments make 1000000 Subscribers😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  14. My best score so far was 14556 it was difficult 😅

  15. bro thats o op did u know my best score in th emorning when i was lil i had so much time but i had to go to schol i had m y own ipad so i tried my best and got 60000

  16. Cool echt ik heb dat spel en ik hat een dag 10000

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