I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

With the rise of .io games and fake multiplayer games, I tried making a fake online game with bots. Here’s out it turned out!

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  1. its funny how 2 of the games he mentions are "multiplayer" are ACTUALLY multiplayer

  2. You should add secret usernames that u can use to get stuff

  3. It's pretty good actually. I love simple, and fun games like this. I remember playing some gladiator themed game with last update in 2013. Sands of "something" i guess. Lemmie know if anyone knows the game, i wanna try it out again

  4. Bro created a roblox simulator my accident 😆

  5. Well that is not so true you can play io games with friends

  6. I go to youtube tutorials, but i accidiently made a FPS game 😂 I ACCIDENTLY MAKE MINECRAFT FROM SCRATH 🤣🤣🤣

  7. when you change colors, maybe you should add a different secret OP to the different avatars when players choose if they want a normal or OP avatar

  8. There's fake players when you enter a command to spawn fake players In tf2

  9. let it die let it die let it shrivel up and die cmon whos with me

  10. What website u're using for the nicknames generator?

  11. Hey man! I just sent you an email on your business account about Rocket Networking. Please do read!

  12. Pls upload this game on mobile😢

  13. game is broke now, when i get the brass knuckles, i can't hit anything.

  14. Game idea: a fake multiplayer first person shooter but set in a school cafeteria where you throw foods at others.

  15. Please make it open-source, i could compile it for MacOS and Linux and perharps make actual multiplayer.

  16. Now i know why i can play most of multiplayer games without any data

  17. bro, when the moment he say "Subscribe!" the subscribe button gets "RGB" (8:28)

  18. u should add MUCH more "players" fighting eachother beacuse it still looks weird when they all try to fight only You

  19. All of the .io have the same satisfying feeling when you play. This game would bore me in 30 seconds

  20. 2:51
    Me: watching a toturial
    The toturial: i did some coding off camera

  21. yes please put this on mobile i can't run this on my computer

  22. that's basically every voodoo game in a nutshell

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