I Found A COLONY Simulator Game… (ColonySim.io)

WW2 But It’s a CHOATIC Battle Royale…

Get Your Own Japan Ball, India Ball, & China Ball

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  1. it would be great if it took into account landscape and climate to affect where the colonies went

  2. me: trying to play the game with the world map i made: angriness because its broken when i try to make the map

  3. A minarchist is basically halfway between an anarchist and a libertarian

  4. Day 1 asking drew restart the maga campaign

  5. Drew should team up with developers to make their own game (Imagine if drew replies)

  6. "One is starting off in Quebec area” Newfoundland actually starting the Canadian colony and not getting the credit in the first part of the video

  7. This an amazing game and the devs deserve a pat on the back and a small tip

  8. the sudo french colony landed in french guyana area (not sure if I spelled everything right

  9. where do you buy the beautiful coutryballs peluches?

  10. Drew has to play rise of nations, it's a game in Roblox about concurring the world, the starting year is 2019 and you can play with real People

  11. you should stop saying manchuria or you are very likely gonna lose social credit points

  12. Can you please stop with this bullshit pixel stuff with no depth and come back to EU4 please

  13. Actually, the nations have reserves to avoid naval invasions, but if they get invaded to much, they run out.

  14. Most YouTubers intro: hi guys my name is (name) and today we are going to play (game)
    Drew’s intro: doesn’t exist

  15. That scary France flag tho…

    It reminds me of something

  16. drew, play civ again. best game you have played

  17. I play this game and spawn 100 country’s and pick one to root for

  18. i like how drew says every naval invasion as "d-day but in [location]"

  19. i think alliances can be broken because i saw it happen. There was a big ol alliance and a small one and they back stabbed the small one

  20. You can make real countries with real flags if you make custom colonies

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