I Found A COLONY Simulator Game… (ColonySim.io)

WW2 But It’s a CHOATIC Battle Royale…

Get Your Own Japan Ball, India Ball, & China Ball

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  1. Whenever I generate colonies, they are always named so and so state or so and so republic, how do I get more unique names like Drew had?

  2. Did drew not see the difference between pink and white on the ideologies?

  3. I swear everytime i play this Australia is always playing defense

  4. The waffle house and found its new host. Sorry

  5. Who’s trying to recreate World War Scenarios in this game

  6. Territorial io for 0 players) XD)

  7. What if nations can split up again, or fall apart, so the whole colonialism starts over again.

  8. my brain when hearing "Hard-line Authoritarian Progressivism":

    I not ask for better race relations I DECLARE THEM

  9. Dude none of these games are for mobile… I tryed this and I tryed conflict of nations 🙁

  10. They have updated this now, so that it is nowhere near as good.

  11. can you please tell me this problem because I'm trying to spawn to random colonies and it won't work

  12. Hey Druuwu Looked in colonysim and empire made west asia

  13. 9:44 kinda reminds me on greenland of the old german flag with the force in europe black white and greenland with red

    if you look closely

  14. Look at the German border in 100 nations mode

  15. what is this game on Steam or something else

  16. This games seems like a mix between territorial Io and WW Simulator

  17. Ask Big question, are you gonna love you all? And Joes of his videos

  18. Didn’t anyone see when he put a country in each continent North America and South America almost had the same borders as in real life

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