I downloaded 50 BAD GAMES from itch.io

itch.io fan games are CHAOTIC.
Today qzeq visits itch.io for some quality free indie games. In this lawless wasteland we’ve got unity asset flips, game clones and even scary games like the EDP445 simulator or Shrek fangames!
Out of the 50 free indie games I downloaded these were the best ones. EDP 445 Simulator, Garfield modding and Spongebob fangames. Everything you need for funny moments?

πŸ“• Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:45 Annihilation
01:45 EDP445 Simulator
03:04 Garfield 3: Prepare for War
04:40 Garfield Adventure
05:34 Red Terror (Shrek)
06:26 SpongeGlock SquarePants
07:50 The Krusty Kartel
08:40 Outro

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I downloaded 50 BAD GAMES from itch.io –
I downloaded 50 BAD GAMES from itch.io (Funny Moments)
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  1. Hey guys! What was your favorite game in the pile? I had a super fun time making this video so give the video a like if you'd like to see me do more itch.io games! 😳

  2. Fact: qzeq is a talking russian penguin

  3. . ꅐꁝꋬ꓄ ꒯꒐꒯ ꒐ ꅐꋬ꓄ꉔꁝꏂ꒯?

  4. Dear qzeq you gave me an reason to live.

  5. 3:58 he's saying Jhon I just want to play
    Not something about hurting innocents…get it? U're not one of'em XD

  6. Spongeglock SquarePants looks amazing. I want it to be on steam

  7. The description in first game is not in thigh it's in bengali

  8. ʏᴇ3α΄›α΄‡Κ€Ι’α΄œΚ€ΚŸ says:

    0:19 the adopt me parrot is reminding me that he's rich

  9. βœžπ•·π–Žπ–‘π–Žβœž.π–•π–“π–Œ says:

    I need to know where's the download of garfield 3 w qzeq's voice. Anyways i sub,i like ur content so keep it up

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