I downloaded 50 BAD GAMES from itch.io

itch.io fan games are CHAOTIC.
Today qzeq visits itch.io for some quality free indie games. In this lawless wasteland we’ve got unity asset flips, game clones and even scary games like the EDP445 simulator or Shrek fangames!
Out of the 50 free indie games I downloaded these were the best ones. EDP 445 Simulator, Garfield modding and Spongebob fangames. Everything you need for funny moments?

πŸ“• Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:45 Annihilation
01:45 EDP445 Simulator
03:04 Garfield 3: Prepare for War
04:40 Garfield Adventure
05:34 Red Terror (Shrek)
06:26 SpongeGlock SquarePants
07:50 The Krusty Kartel
08:40 Outro

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I downloaded 50 BAD GAMES from itch.io –
I downloaded 50 BAD GAMES from itch.io (Funny Moments)
#qzeq #itchio #FunnyMoments #IndieGames

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  1. (language warning)
    literally everyone ever: ok, good for you

  2. Since everyone's saying this channel is underrated I'll say it too. These types of vids are enjoyable to watch

  3. For the first game 0:51 The warning isn't in Thai but instead it's in Bangla. I'm the forst one to notice that in this comment section so that's kinda cool πŸ₯΅

  4. Qzeq, use Alt n 4, its easier and say faster to close games

  5. Everytime i watch these i am glad my game isnt on it lmao

  6. I am going to ruin this video:

    he got 8 games πŸ™‚

  7. lol the edp445 sim I played it and it scared me

  8. i think alt f4 would do faster job than task manager

  9. okay, did the guy who made SpongeGlock really just rip the map file from the ps2/xbox/gamecube version of spongebob bfbb and import it into unity? madlad.

    Edit: not the entire map files, but an assload of assets lol

  10. this is bangla not thai and translation: i worked really making this game. and since im not getting any money from this game if you donated i whould get motivated . 0:48

  11. Hey bro the first game language was not thai
    It is in Bengali

  12. I love how he downloaded 50 games but only showed 4

  13. 0:10 copied video games "SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom". Thanks qzeq!

  14. press alt and f4 to close a shitty game

  15. Can I recommend you play β€œmr krabs overdosed on ketamine and dies” it is a very good game where SpongeBob is a drug dealer and has to retrieve mr krabs ketamine.

  16. That edp 445 simulator is the scariest shi I've ever seen

  17. 0:50 : here is the translation (it is not thai…it's bangla):
    this game took a lot time and effort to make and i do not get any income from this so to motivate me to make more please donate to me with the link below

  18. At 0:49 it was written in Bengali.
    "I had to do a lot of hard work to make this game.
    Since I'm not earning any money from this game.
    So you can motivate me by donating me from the number below."

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