I Conquered the World in This Map Game… | State.io

What if All Continents Fell the Ocean…
Germany, USSR, and Austria-Hungary COUNTRYBALL Plushies!

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  1. In the YouTube game it’s just robots so it’s boring all you do is wait till they attack another state then you attack them

  2. The ai in this game sucks. That’s the biggest problem

  3. Fun game. Good little time waster. Reminds me a bit of my days playing Risk as a kid.The main things that make it no more than a fun little time waster…. the AI is bad. Very predictable. Also, if you play for a while and get fairly high level then you don’t get enough in game coin to keep up with the computer opponents. They will either start with way more numbers or have faster spawn time. Again, the AI is bad so you can still win most of the time but some maps are tricky

  4. Never before has a generation so diligently documented themselves accomplishing so little.

  5. I played this game in the very beginning. I got to a very high level, like 1000 something but then decided to delete it after they changed it and erased a lot of my earnings.

  6. I love this game. Yes, it repeats itself, but it gets harder and harder. The one thing I don't like is when the animation speed ends up at a crawl as the numbers of planes on the screen gets massive.

  7. This shit ez af i have NEVER lost a pvp match xd

  8. В этой игре я стал чемпионом мира Я серьёзно

  9. if kids ever want to learn the value of reinvested dividends, play this game. the more you invest your wins into yourself the more you succeed in the future. its exponential math.

  10. (DAY 147) of asking drew to put an Indian put an Indian flag 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    And why is everyone saying no. Poland stop saying no.

    I have changed my account

  11. It's always a good day when Drew uploads twice on the same channel 🙂

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