HOW TO PLAY W/ FRIENDS HACK!! ( Game / Hacks ) Hack – Today I play one of my new favorite games, similar to &, and it is called Diepio.

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  1. You need to stop using the hacks Or the creators are going to Ban you

  2. For those asking for minecraft oldest server please note that the original world rusher is playing is currently closed and only a make-shift world is set up.i guess owner got online and stuff

  3. I got a idea post your code to twitter and play with your viewers

  4. Wait… He uses hacks in so he should use hacks in world oldest server

  5. Is everything a hack for rusher? Lol Zoom Out Hack? Playing With Friends Hack? Unlimited Bullets Hack? lol

  6. Lol He Said The Spanish Word Hola, Hollah

  7. Use the class that has 4 front cannons that shoot mini bullets

  8. Necromancer is a great farming class. Get a full army, then right click and your cubes fly out and farm other blocks for you. Super effective until you get caught without any cubes

    My high score was 188k with a necromancer

  9. Would Mitch die in this game too or just minecraft

  10. i'm better than all of you at this game


  12. Rush I have a poem for you…rusher the husher with Mitch in a hinch Ben in a hen with nap the hat and wild the trial for you:D

  13. Eseyer way join neer the same time

  14. Seriously… Y.O.U.R V.O.I.C.E.I.S A.N.O.Y.I.N.G

  15. When he said we killed each other he died by a yellow cheese thing

  16. how can i undownload the hack plx make a video abot it plzzzzzz

  17. Stop making hack videos I hate when everyone is hacking it makes the game stinky

  18. Why. why. why are you wearing a pedobear shirt?

  19. It only shows join, not connect, new, or refresh.

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