How to Download Games In 2020 | Where To Start?

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to download games for Windows in 2020. This is an updated video that covers how to get started with playing games since the previous one didn’t cover .rar files. It takes a bit of time to learn how to use the program 7-zip to extract, but once you do you will be able to play games in no time.

** Make sure to check out the FAQ in Google Docs if you have a question that may have been answered! **

If you need help then I will try my best in the comment section.

Thanks for watching and take care.

Written Transcript On Google Docs:


0:00 Intro
0:16 Going To 7-Zip
0:42 Finding Windows OS 32-bit or 64-bit
1:12 Can’t Get Save As To Pop Up?
1:47 Going to
2:10 Downloading Your Game
3:01 Games I downloaded For This Tutorial
3:16 Installing 7-Zip
3:55 Setting Up Games
4:33 Can’t Find 7-Zip File Manager?
5:12 Extracting The Games!
6:14 Starting Up The Games
6:46 Outro

Thanks for watching and take care!



The Upside Down:

Dungeon Drafters:


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  1. my problem is only, that the game is going away after dowloadig.

  2. When I try opening the game it crashes. Help?

  3. Thank you i was trying to download this one vr game called "Ancient Dungeons"

  4. It took a while but I got it working thanks dude

  5. What if the file just deletes when I try to open it

  6. It works thank you, I'm a Xbox player so this is so helpful🙏

  7. hey i want to play a vr game but idk how on itch.oi game

  8. What if the game has an update after a while of playing it. How do I update the game but still keep my saves. Or do I have to move my saves to that file somehow. Which if thats the case how do I do that lol? Because I don't want to have to replay the entire game just to see new content or have better graphics.

  9. I'm having Trouble with the game called (papers please)

  10. This actually worked bruh, bless your soul LMFAOO

  11. what do i do when i’m downloading something and it says “unconfirmed(numbers)” with the internet explorer logo

  12. Omg thank you.. I was getting so frustrated!!!.

  13. Can you do this with a game that is a gift? I always try to download a game i was gifted and it just wont download normally i keeps bringing me to internet explorer download and when it does i open the file and it just wont open it closes instantly

  14. what do i do if despite doing what you said, after refreshing my desktop the game file still doesnt have the 7zip logo and no "7zip" option?

  15. Hello i doubt you will see this but when i click on the file it doesn't say "open with" on the list

  16. So I extracted the files but every time I try to open the game it says "the code execution cannot proceed because unity player.dll was not found reinstalling the program may fix this problem." But it's already installed on my computer I don't know if it's a glitch or if I did something wrong

  17. When I hit download on itch it moves the file to google drive and doesn’t download

  18. I know this is a year later and you probably wont respond but does anyone know what to do when it keeps saying "cannot open file"

  19. ty i had a bit of trouble trying to this it took me a few trys but i finally got the game to open ty!

  20. If i right click it doesn't show me extract file(windows 7)

  21. How can i uninstall games from itch. Io?

  22. bro thank you so much ive been trying for ever to download this stuff and your video really helped, thank you so much!!!

  23. whaaatt whyy it wont work for me i extracted the file but it wot work it like the file stays as a file it wont open as a game everything went well untill 6:14 . MIne dosen't look like that 🙁

  24. when I try to open the game I downloaded I get a "could not execute" message, I followed the tutorial exactly, how do i fix it?

  25. tysm i was so confused before it worked! thanks a lot your such a cool guy

  26. I've tried this multiple times but it doesn't work for me cause it keeps opening in internet explorer but it won't le me open the file

  27. I can't find any mobile tutorials, is that possible

  28. TSYM! This was such a detail and easy to follow tutorial TvT even giving options when things don't show up


  30. For some reason my game lags when i open it up, does that have something to do with file? If u can help out here, it would be much appreciated

  31. did everything correctly but after downloading 7zip it doesnt show up on my desktop, and im so confused as to why after i download a game, no shortcuts pop up on my desktop, and when i do it manually, its not zipped. help.

  32. its not working and i cant delete it of my device

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