How do .io Games hold up in 2022?

Way back in 2015, .io games took over the world. Starting with and blown out of the stratosphere with, they conquered gaming channels and drew the attention of bored school children all around the world. But that was 7 years ago, so how do they hold up now? Today we’ll be checking up on,, and trying out one I never played before;

Are they as good as I remember, or am I looking back through rose-tinted glasses?

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My name is Spiracle and on this channel I create lets plays, funny moments, playthroughs and other content around the games I enjoy to entertain whoever happens to click here. Which, if you’re reading this, means you! So thank you for watching! Be sure to like the video if you enjoyed it, and to subscribe if you want to see more! It’d be really great to hear from you down in the comments section too, everyone is welcome here. Cheers!

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  1. Seriously does anyone know what that game was called, I'm desperate.Regardless of if you do or not, I hope you enjoyed the video!EDIT: Unfortunately any comments containing a link are get blocked by YouTube, so I can't see or respond to them. I recommend spelling these games without the period to get around this (Slitherio instead of Slither . io)

  2. It's really too bad you haven't been able to find that one game yet. Bubble tanks was all I could think of. Maybe it's on some obscure disk at a thrift store somewhere…

  3. Great video! I had another comment I wanted to say but YouTube won’t let me so I might just leave that in the discord

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