GUNR.IO!!! -New .io Game 2016: is the Better with Graphics!?!?

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In today’s video, I tried out this New .io Game called “”!
It came out around 27th of August 2016.

Introduction to it: is a New .io Game that combined’s idea of shooting bullets and a tank moving around &’s beautiful graphics. Forgot to mention, the movement control of the tank is like, mouse-controlled.

How to play
To help you get started, all you do level up is to collect XP which only exist as little squares. Killing an other tank will will give you lots of XP, in the way that the tank you’ve killed exchanges into lots of little squares. Killing tanks also gives you upgrades to various stuff. There is a tank assigned to each level, so when you level up, you willl become a pre-determined tank. (I hope they change this though…)

Eat lots of squares!
And kill as much as possible!

Moves like,
Behaves likr,
The “Spike” is like a fish in,
What a great .io game! is still under development, so lag, sadly, exists…
Haven’t seen any Arena Closers yet 🙂

Check it out by yourself!!
This game is intensely beautiful!!!

Do you know that actually has an official Facebook Page?
Check it out here!

Songs used:

It’s from Epidemic Sound.

Waysons – Daydream [NCS Release]

Verm – Explode [NCS Release]


Thank you all for the best support in the world!!


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  2. This game need more server, i get freackings rollbacks in this game, good game but unmplayable, look like located on australia or murica

  3. I am the only one than cannot connect to the game? It dont loads for me :/

  4. Connecting to any servers takes forever… I've literally been tryin' to connect for 5-10 mins now… Obviously it's a broken game

  5. Movement way is to move the mouse, like in!Nope, fuck that.

  6. love you're intro dude!


  8. you know how is better? it doesn't fucking break and freeze every 3 minutes!!!

  9. ok,reply me:What date do u guys think that the update will come out after september29?

  10. how do you chat in this game? I've seen others do it and i am sad 🙁

  11. Almost all io games are just ripoffs of the first 3 but the are some original ones

  12. 8353745973497593745987345979354 Hi. God made all. His son, Jesus, pardoned us of all wrongs.

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