VCB: Why City is a testament to modern game development.
Today qzeq spends actual real life money on a bad gta clone and it goes about as well as you’d expect.
To be honest the name “Why City” should’ve been a red flag on its own but atleast i got some laughs out of it :p Navigate the comedic chaos of skibidi toilet with ease through. From the first viral video to the latest episodes featuring new monster wrestlers. Explore the evolving narrative and become a true connoisseur of all things Skibidi Toilet!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:45 Cursed Steam
01:22 VCB: Why City
04:34 Clipping through walls
06:32 The SUSSY mission 😳
08:07 Outro

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  1. Try Examination of fear by QHG Studios!
    On itchio

  2. play obama boss fight its good and hard game

  3. The worst game you've ever played is quite the claim against this game considering some of the games you've posted on this channel. XD Well played.

  4. 4:57 – there was a joke based on an untranslatable pun between the low ground clearence of lowrider cars and the word ''?omitted?'' meaning ''prison homosexual''. And thanks for the great video Qzeq!

  5. when you tried to pronounce russian in cyril, hahaha Pikuu….😂😂😂

  6. I love when this man is trying to read russian

  7. This game is a masterpiece! Would download (not really)

  8. Why was an Estonian the first place speed run?

  9. 4:55 Its just synonyms to a lowering a car suspension
    also the license bar means pu228s|sy (228 means illegal drug selling)
    edit: license bar on the bus means in777ass

  10. i don't think someone translate this wingdings font at 1:48
    this will be in order:

  11. For some fucking reason, I had this game in my steam wishlist at some point

    It's gone now

  12. Кьюзег решил познать просторы нашего упоротого геймдева

  13. the dicks on the bus go round and round all throught the town lol 😀

  14. Absolute masterpiece of a video, hello from Mexico 👋🏼

  15. So what's my chances of a collab? I'm looking to start a new series on my channel to try and collab with as many people as I can starting next year

  16. LOVE YOU qzeq videos ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  17. This game is so bad that's it good. It's ingenious.

  18. at least we can't say its an asset flip… *pulls out uzi* shu shu shu

  19. pov you want gta vc we have gta vc at home the gta vc at home

  20. he most likly said suka no? suka isnt a slur it means bitch so it is a swear/insult

  21. Feel like this is what North Korean plays

  22. that's a fucking masterpiece.
    I got strong sense of nostalgia over this meme game build off 7 years old memes.

  23. You really need to try the Russian GTA mod hhhhh

  24. I hope you’d have Russia blocked from viewing your content no?

  25. When I first saw this channel it was so good I knew it would be like a 5 mil sub count and loads of views BUT ONLY 211K HOW??? THIS CHANNEL IS SO UNDERRATED

  26. I loved that game, it's such a joke that it's super fuuun!!

  27. The game feels like its on crack and somehow the Finnish penguin is more cracked than the game, thank you for making me laugh sir, legit you might be the funniest guy I've seen on this site so far

  28. I don't know why but we people like him destroying his PC with badd gaems

  29. The gun and engine sounds are among the greatest I have ever heard in a computer game 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Finally our gta 6 is here why city is. Beautiful

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