Google Snake 7 more hacks in under 100 seconds

Various hacks/mods I made for google snake.
1. cursor mode
2. switcheroo
3. snakezilla
4. helikopter
5. voice (skin + background)
6. aimtrainer
7. instant eat

I will make some of these mods available for download (PC only)

The following are mods are available to play:
Cursor mode and aim trainer are now part of “mouse mode”
Helikopter is now part of “visibility mod” under the “spin” option

These mods can be played on our website here

“Sommarfågel” By Wintergatan
“Marble Machine (PIANO VERSION)” By Wintergatan
These tracks can be downloaded for free at
Free license to use these tracks in your video can be downloaded at

Fazlija – Helikopter
Neffex – that’s what is takes (instrumental)



  1. Anyone know where to download the hacks and mods?

  2. i think my favorite mod is cursor mode

  3. invivable apples. this is already possible with just turning off your internet but still. possibly even invisible snake.

  4. i'd never thought i'd hear wintergatan outside of the wintergatan channel

  5. okay the blood when the apple eats the snakes really completes it

  6. "Google snake 7 more hacks in under 100 seconds"
    1:20 = 80 Seconds


  7. the mouse mode glitched into not hitting walls in wall game mode and being able to wrap itself up

  8. Awwww the apples are growing up so fast🥲🤧

  9. The average cheats in Ohio be like

  10. 0:20 some sort of people: oh no there’s a snakezilla!
    me: its not bad snakezilla:

  11. idk why but the snakezilla one made me laugh so hard-

  12. When I play snake there god damn is no food

  13. It feels so wrong to see the snake move in any directions

  14. Why the background song sounds like wyse mystical tree

  15. super hexagon players when they see the spinning map hack:

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