Gii 4000+ IO GAMES PRO WISP Dota 2

Miracle Enigma Off Lane ►
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Glacier – Nurture (feat. Brenna Myers)
Hush – Pilvorm

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Welcome to Dota 2 Highlights TV channel. Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game produced by IceFrog and Valve Corporation. On Dota 2 Highlights TV channel you can find highlights from major tournaments, Dota 2 gameplay, videos with pro Dota 2 players and many other interesting Dota 2 movies.

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Gii 4000+ IO GAMES PRO WISP Dota 2


  1. U lose cuz u didnt push….. Those rapiers were useless

  2. Даун, взял Керри виспа. Заруинил и чёто про сф-а ещё говорит

  3. Полёты на квадрокоптерах.Коалиция школ ОбьГЭС. says:

    solo visp kill 1×1 TB = it's ok )))

  4. Darude – Sandstorm is song if anyone wants to know

  5. Haha they lost cause radiant keep on ratting(guerilla warfare) instead of pushing mid lane they def. They could've win if they keep on pushing one lane and rekt the ancient

  6. Io's Arcana is probably the best arcana so far…(in my opinion)

  7. maybe next time you should consider showing the net worth ststs bar

  8. we wont hav io in our games.

  9. I admit hes good. But idnt think he can join in a prestige league

  10. please stop adding that annoying background music poo poo….

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