Getting Infinite In 2048 Sandbox! (Really Cool To Watch)

Just playing around in 2048 sandbox, and decided to make this video that is kind of satisfying


  1. get out of my recommended alex


  3. How much time did you spend on that game XD???

  4. FAKE!!!! Nice fail 😀 where the new blocks are popping up after each move… XD

  5. Your mouth clicking is annoying af sorry but I hate it

  6. Anyone else who thought it'd turn into a stickbug or rickroll

  7. 1 to 18446744073709551616
    + 36893488147419103232
    + 73786976294838206464
    + 147573952589676412928
    + larger

  8. What the actual fuck
    Is that it did they beat the game

  9. Then the universe removed him from existence

  10. It's all fun and games until he gets 0/0 as a block (*)_(*)

  11. What's even more satisfying than that is his mouth sounds…

  12. You know it’s fake because they started with the score of zero

  13. Jesus christ how long have you been playing this

  14. I could tell this is fake because no new blocks are spawning in

  15. There’s no new blocks morning after you moved Dumb ass

  16. Isn’t this fake because first of all the score starts as 0 and when moving your blocks it should spawn in a 2 or a 4 no matter how high your score is.

  17. Wait why do you have two dads cause in the background there was no girl

  18. But … If we have … Two Infinit … What will that do ?

  19. It wasn't adding the 2 and four blocks when you moved it

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