Getting Infinite In 2048 Sandbox! (Really Cool To Watch)

Just playing around in 2048 sandbox, and decided to make this video that is kind of satisfying


  1. Playing 2048 during the flight is the best choice for me!

  2. Totally fake because new numbers are not comming

  3. Ab infinity khule saand ki tarh ghumega🤣🤣

  4. Now infinity will run like a open rope bull🤣🤣

  5. Wait ARENT other tiles supposed to spawn when you move them?

  6. 人人人
    <   >
    < ∞ >
    <   >

  7. 63 is 9223 Quintillion
    64 is 1 Sextillion
    65 is ∞

  8. What happens when you combine infinity with infinity 🤔

  9. Both parents sound Eastern European and then he goes "don't mind my parents" in the most American boy voice

  10. What happens if you mix infinity?

  11. Mix infinite with infinite and your ohone explodes

  12. i enjoyed how do you get that

  13. Kid: Look at my score
    Parents arguing: Nobody cares lmao

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