Bad games are back in full force!
Today qzeq delves back into the trashpit that is to look for more games that don’t make any sense!
In the process he gets to mod games, hunt femboys, fry his cpu AND ram, and much more!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:44 Call Of Gruty Beta
01:21 Coom
02:09 Cuc4Pong
02:44 Dead Island
03:03 Doge Mining Game
03:26 Femboy Hunters
04:07 Friday Night Funkin vs Kermit
04:41 Friday Night Funkin Fresh Balls
05:14 Fake Animal Crossing Game
05:43 My Achole Burns Bruh 1 Missed Call From Allah Hamood Habibi
06:30 Poo Ninja
07:05 Quest for Cats
07:35 Super Mario 64
08:16 Super Perio Bros
09:03 YouTube Simulator
09:29 Combo Virus Project
10:18 Outro

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  1. Yeaaa i think you need an arabian friend to translate stuff For u ig

  2. POV: you played that shit game with 100% CPU
    Fan: go brrrr

  3. Me who understand Arabic
    He just wrote random Arabic letters in this man face 😂

  4. Looks like super perio is a dentist and marios a plumber

  5. I litteraly have the same background image of jahseh on my desktop

  6. Whats the music he use when the bad things happen

  7. My dad works with macs one time a mac went from 0 to 600% cpu

  8. شكل xxtenations مع هذه الملابس مضحك
    ومحتواك أيضا
    ما جذبني هي الصورة المصغرة صراحة

  9. I'm an Arab and I don't understand the words on the thumb nail ?

  10. I'm usually infuriated beyond belief when people joke about misspelling spanish text, but when you did it i couldn't help but laugh. the mandador of the Los Minions to the al lobby, the chosen one…

  11. Femboy Hunter game comes up,
    Me: chuckles im in danger

  12. i made BSOD by playing pac man mod in friday night funkin not lie it happened yesterday

  13. can i have the super mario download link pls

  14. The dogemining game's music is some remix of "Smashing Windshields" from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

  15. What's the music from the combo virus part

  16. Ibn Ikbal ابن اقبال, collector of poetry says:


  17. is this snuffyfluffyy ? if not I Think he is your lost brother

  18. It was not in spanish it is in portuguese

  19. idk what you fear 100% cpu, i have that always, how? i d k


  21. Allah is a God and don't talk about Allah about that ok

  22. 1:47 That icon is literally the same as a virus called Bloom.exe that I got on my computer lol

  23. The thumbnail looks like any guy trying to make a ringtone

  24. Hey guys! If you're interested in early sneak peeks & behind the scenes stuff for my vids, or even participating by helping me out with mods/game suggestions, feel free to hop on the discord!

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