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Fortnite now has an IO clone.. and it’s pretty good!!


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  1. DanTDM Can you 1v1 me in arsenal and maybe zombs royale

  2. Dan: I said that 'cause i can't do the math.
    Me: 145 health

  3. Here’s the maths for 50+95 it’s 145 . . .

  4. Battle royal: exists

    Youtuber: FORTNITE!!!!

  5. The only reason I play this game is cause i saw this video 3 years ago… Thanks Dan (: people call me og now (:

  6. 1T Times 1T = 1 Times 10 To The 24th Power

  7. 1T Times 1T = 1 Times 10 To The 24th Power

  8. dan you should play roblox and play strucid

  9. I played that game and I want to play the game again

  10. 15:02
    He says two ways…
    Anyway I love your channel Dan
    Keep it up ☺️😜

  11. Zombs royal good old days 😟😢

  12. Don't play it now, the dev have made the game sooo boring now, they havent even updated the game in ages.

  13. LMAO watching this is funny
    now there are some pros and events are things

  14. Dan: He's getting big shots bigshots!

    Me: extremely loud distorted spamton theme with a lot of reverb and its mostly bass plays

  15. look at the game now it is so much better a better map more guns and more heals so much more skiins so play it again pls

  16. Dantdm : They also have mythic rarity which is cool because it isnt in fortnite!

    Me: Chuckles from future

  17. I mistook this for information about Fortnite Imagined Order

  18. yo dan, you gotta play this again man its gotten so much better

  19. I have some tips: You can drop the weapons without having to switch weapons and the number beside the gun is the ammo

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