Flappy Bird ending

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  1. This is fake if you dont know
    At the actual end theres mario who throws a fire ball and kills you

  2. Wait this makes sense mario pipes in flappy bird

  3. Guys do you actually actually when you pass the old hammer guys you get Mario and his throws fire balls until you die. If you get to the ground too much, she can jump on you.

  4. Mario: what heck are you in my game
    Flappy bird: what are you talking about

  5. omg your so close to get to the 1000 goal

  6. You lost 9999999999999999999999998.
    Try again.

  7. Instructions unclear, a bullet bill came and shot me with a glock

  8. The ending be like : yessir finally someone can win
    That creature be like : nope

  9. Aaaaaaaaaaa😡😡😡😡😡😡

    You be like😂

  10. When he jumps go high as u can so he miss

  11. I scrolled amd found games secret endings that starts with flappy bird

  12. Who thought Mario was the final boss

  13. How long it took blue to do this to die at last point

  14. It always it does 1 more to reach 1000

  15. I heard the ending was fire mario throwing a fireball at you unless they changed it

  16. they don't want you to win so you ended at 999

  17. I thought it will infinitely continue after 999, I think you're playing a different version of Flappy Bird.

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