Good games were a real thing after all!

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  1. Dude there's an invention called google as well as YouTube ur translation is wrong 3:01 3:32

  2. The finnish joke was good i under stand it cus im from finland

  3. The sledgehammer game is a ripoff of teardown Aka fun as FuuuuuuEL

  4. Qzeq(when secret images reveled): fuck fuck fuck fuck.
    Me: heheπŸ˜‚

  5. Cummerbund is the definition of belt in persian

  6. "you toy story looking ass motherfucker" got me laughing to death

  7. Play cave game it's a unity game I bet you would hate it

  8. I tried the first game and I had coil whine. Thats the first time I ever got this, never in other games. Weird.

  9. Man’s has a lot of femboy pictures in there

  10. Only on qzec where we see a Coca-Cola zero ad and then damn Triple Hs theme lmfao

  11. The game explained for this video is..

    Among us.

  12. astolfo i see your a man of culture as well

  13. Hello, I'm a Subsmeraib from Iran who makes a game. The name of this game is Silence Channel 2 and it's a scary game and I'd like you to play it and tell me your opinion. My brother, who speaks English well, translated the game into English with some of his friends, and I'm from Iran. I used Google Translate

  14. I never noticed that the guy in Perfect Vermin sounds like a pug, but it makes sense if intentional because pugs have horrible breathing problems. After all [spoilers]

    the whole game is about lung cancer (or about being such a workaholic to never do anything about it despite the many warning signs) so that guy can't breathe either.

  15. after that warning you forgot to run a virtual machine on running a random game? Or..did you run a virtual machine and actually struggled to have those images displayed because they where the wrong file format?

  16. The finnish joke was really great i understood it

  17. Can you play my game it called robots adventure

  18. JESSE we must get the qzeq Channel Membership for only $0.99/month!

    Check out all these gangsta-ass emojis we will get!!

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