Evolution of io Games

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In this video, I show the evolution of io games like agar.io, braains.io, slither.io, starve.io, mope.io, splix.io which are the best io games of all times.


  1. You should get back to discord so u can talk to your fans

  2. Topi whats with Brains io u where a legend at it why are u not playing it anymore with those damn awesome edits it made a normal video soooo much morr interesting u should make some more videos playing Brains io im sad that u aint making vidoes about u jukeing ppl so ppl like me who are complete trash at juking have a laugh at other players not getting u 😀

  3. I feel old watching this and getting nostalgic about those io games, anyone feels the same?

  4. At least you included some splix. I make splix vids too. You can learn how to ENTER THE WALL from my latest vid.

  5. Well. the corps are ruining io games with fake muiltiplayer

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