Evolution of .iO Games (2014-2019)

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  2. Can I have a shoutout been subbed since 1k. Like if u love nation

  3. Good video i just started io games on my channel

  4. I been following nation for 2 years when he was playing agar.io I was in the discord ad it got nuked. Which we can’t do anything. I hope nation could get 1 M subs.

  5. Another one of these!! ❤️ Ilysm nation. Lately you’ve been noticing me more because I’m early. Maybe I used to get likes but never checked..? ❤️ Well great video!!! I stay up until like 1am every night watching for when you upload. 😴 Eh, sleeping can wait until school 😂❤️ Love your videos!! ☺️❤️


    Oof I went to send streaks on snapchat and see a message “Your comment got a ❤️ for Nation!” Made my dayyyy

  6. Use ebates (use code nation in the fortnite item shop as well)

  7. This is Billy.

    /( /)

    He is trying to floss. Every like makes him better. ❤️ #PoorBilly

  8. I wanna see a cursors io video for me to do a 2 month Twitch prime sub

  9. D
    Did y
    Did yo
    Did you really think I would waste my time on this?😂

  10. nation pls play brawl stars pls
    if u agree say ok

  11. In mope.io, you start at the bottom of the food chart and workbyour way up, it's NOT an evolution game

  12. I will always be watching, and waiting, for that notification when you upload… [not creepy at all] muahaha 👁 👅 👁 (ok that face is hella creepy sorry guys)

  13. 3 videos in one week!? Oof didn’t you do two before?

  14. You forgot deeeep.io a very important .io game in my opinion, and also the reason mope wasn't too popular was because when it was released they didn't have abilities so it was kinda boring.

  15. I can’t believe curses used to be good but good vid is what is good

  16. 5:58 Nation: I mean
    Ad comes up
    Ad: Free free free free free free free free…
    Me: All io games are free…

  17. After one thousand years and all of us dead mope update and we in heaven like MAN RLLY KNOW YOU UPDATE ARE U KIDDING ME

  18. Zombs.io is so good tho. You should talk about zombsroyale without first talking about zombs.

  19. I got golden eagle the first time I played and I thought it was normal

  20. I can't wait too see you at 1million subs nation. I'll be so happy and impressed .Your almost at 100k .I've been watching your vids since 2017

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