Evolution of .iO Games (2014-2019)

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  1. Hopefully they will keep on evolving so we will have better and better .io games.
    But wait wheres buildroyale?

  2. I just remember the start of our YouTube journey… I miss it… God dayum.

  3. (N) (N) (N) (N) (N) every like I will add and N tag

  4. Haha when you want 3 likes you get 1000 when you want 700 likes you get 100 ….

  5. Background song is star party: legends

  6. Nation, im sad. Can you Please Unban me from ur server. Im sad 🙁

  7. Hay nation dont rage but 4 days ago i got ge for the first time…wirhn the first time and now ive had it 3 times

  8. love the content just sub to this guys!!!! ;3

  9. I built my channel around braainsio @Nation I hope you mentioned me lol
    if not its okay too :/

  10. The only true best io game I ever played was Raaaft.io because I could level up fast and let all my anger out on the players by savaging them violently

  11. braains was probably my favorite of all these.

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