EATING FANS AND BABIES ( – Gameplay and Funny Moments returns with the biggest possible animal I could get. No Dragon but close to it! Bear boi!

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  1. I am the dragon dude that killed lazar! LOL!

  2. Cheetah's go out of the way to eat baby lions so I kills future threats lol

  3. The crazy trapezoid resultspreviously pour because jeep visually explain sans a general gentle chance. lopsided, chubby cloudy

  4. Damn it’s been a while I think this was the oldest vid I watched still love your channel

  5. Everybody gets eaten eeventually… except me… 😜

  6. Yes africa has crockidilse pardon my spelling

  7. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion chased a mole……. it was set up for him

  8. Hi am in 2022 still watch old vids of lazer

  9. 12:08 Yelling “I’m a” really loud and whispering “bear”. IM A bear.

  10. 🐇🐘🦏🦏🦏🐭🐭🐨🐼🐻‍❄🐻‍❄🐗

  11. This game has changed so much… not in a especially good way

  12. tittle: exists


    me again: AAAA FAN BABIES-

  13. You sound like jacksepteky when you speak in Irish accent

  14. can we just acknowledge how good his irish accent is tho

  15. I've never seen a zebra eat a rabbit. But I've seen a donkey kill one and donkeys are the closest relative to a zebra.

  16. io game with evolving animals with a potty mouth

  17. U putting an IRISH accent on to annoy me

  18. Bro that last scream sounded like wicky from star wars the hairy thing

  19. 6 years later still one of the best videos ever

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