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  1. Lauren played the snek one. You're supposed to run back the way you came to escape the big snake.

  2. i know how to beat the no snake hotel instead of the other elavator choose the start😎

  3. Bro that game was the made by same person who made Choo choo Charles. He has a YouTube channel, it’s called two star

  4. Wait! I know the no snake hotel! It was the game that the ending is
    Death! 😆

  5. Hey Ian can u play Choo Choo Charles. It’s a game made by the same person who made the no snake hotel game

  6. Oh no i have watched from another YouTuber ,,no snake hotel” and while watching it i crapped into myself😶😐😑

  7. i hate you Russell the no snek hotel game gave me a heart attack🫣🫣😰😰😨

  8. no snake hotelis made by another youtuber named Two Star. he is the creator of Choo-Choo Charels

  9. hey ssundee i have a pokemon card it has 320 hp

  10. The no snakes game is made by twostar games the sqme person who made my little paper smile and choo choo charles

  11. The person who made the no snake hotel was the same person who made choo choo charels 😮

  12. Handel with care
    Ssundee says It's not that heavy
    His legs looks thin like paper

  13. The forth game made me fall of my chair🤣😆

  14. Ssundee's reaction to the No-Snake Hotel's giant snake made me laugh sooo hard! (Btw, that game was made as part of a competition between Two Star Games & his friend. Their job was to make a game in 24 hours based on the other person's greatest fear. Pretty sure Two Star Games won)

  15. Why does Russell look like Biffle?🤨💀

  16. no snake hotel creator is a youtuber

  17. I have never seen Ssundee mess up his hair before

  18. my cousin:hit the mod button me: my mind emotional damage

  19. I was laughing so hard that I turned into a pancake because my lugs went out of me

  20. First game reminds me of deeeeeeer simulator

  21. ssundee was terrified and Russel set it up🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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