My PC is officially DESTROYED. Thanks, itchio

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  1. he is using a vmware So don't worry when he downloads a virus

  2. Ah yes. This is another age-restricted video…how beautiful

  3. מה לעז- תברח הוא מתקר- הא פה.

  4. You using memes to read titles makes it even funnier 💀

  5. the video is age restricted

    (i got a script to surpass it)

  6. I immediately subbed. Why didn't i stumble on this sooner? 😂

  7. Не может быть! Симуляция пенисной жижи, моя любимая игра, в видео какого-то ноунейма!

  8. The ad in the middle of the server made me think I actually was getting a ad from you

  9. Am I fucked up cuz I tried skipping the add 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. my pc froze from clicking on this video not kidding either

  11. you can press f1 to go into shooting mode/you will be able to play via keyboard and mouse(in bluestacks)

  12. Bro how the fuck i have Ur ad on YouTube premium

  13. 6:50 Only real programmers know the pain of making at least this type of game💀

  14. You know it's a good video when it's age restricted.

  15. 5:11 in the part where mario stares at you and all the letters are actually in hebrew and cause i know hebrew, i can explain it. just random letters without a meaning

  16. That stairwell reminds me of the staircase in factory on tarkov or possibly overgrown on mw2

  17. Soviet Russia stairwell…..

  18. You know it's a good game when only comment says help me

  19. Got a "This content may be inappropriate to some users" alert. Never saw it on other videos

  20. Bro why the fuck is the quality of the video at 144p if I'm on a good wifi

  21. You know that the video is epic when youtube asks you to verify your age for it

  22. Never thought i'd see qzeq listen to digbar in my whole life!

  23. You know it would've been a great video when it's age-restricted.

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