cool dino games (weird games) – Complete Series

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  1. I really think OneyPlays should play Soda Drinker Pro, the first game really reminds me of it.

  2. I love how at 12:50 you can hear Zach charging up a squeal for a solid 2 seconds beforehand

  3. 28:07 There's just something about the combination of the old guy's doofy face, Chris mistakenly thinking that was the old guy's line, the bit crushed voice, Chris' old man voice, and Zach's laugh that makes that little three or four seconds ridiculously funny to me.

  4. The geneuine kindness and support for artists is so refreshing thank you for being real

  5. Zach is probably talking about the Creationists and Kent Hovind

  6. Holy shit LA Rex LET'S GO RAAAAAAAAAH

  7. I remember playing LA Dino as a kid, made me grin when they pulled it up.

  8. 16:50 "in your hot air balleen – hot air balloon." "hol-air – hotairballeen" I love how zach jumbles his syllables as he's trying to mock chris for doing the exact thing

  9. I love that majestic pterozachtyl in the thumbnail. Truly one of the most beautiful creatures in existence.

  10. imagine being the 15 year old that made that dinosaur/Metal Gear game and getting a 10/10 from Oney plays

  11. PLEASE PLAY DINO CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Tbh i thought the voice acting on dimetrosaur was actually in the game at first and i thought the game was genius

  13. Omg I'm dying with Zach just putting everything into the tyrano dragon pleasing with cyborg dragon 😭 and lyles always bringing the evil villain vo perfectly

  14. lyle’s hysterical giggle when sky dragon appears is my favourite lylism. he also laughs like that at sims spoony

  15. Why have I never seen this series until now?

  16. Zachs Matpat impression around 48:00 had me out of air laughin

  17. The MS Paint Dragon game was legendary

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