cool dino games (weird games) – Complete Series

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  1. I love when Chris points out nice little things about these games it's so sweet and encouraging 😭

  2. Kinda amazed we never got a Dino Crisis 1&2 oney plays.
    Those seem like they’d be everything Chris loves in a survival horror and enjoys in a stupid fun action sequel. No hate though, DC2 is awesome.

  3. Me watching this for the 50th time excitedly waiting for Dimetrosaur and Dinosaur Savers: 🤩

  4. somehow them pronouncing dimetrosaur wrong is very charming and not infuriating like it would be with anyone else

  5. I wonder if the story at 1:09:03 is based off of an event that happened to the creator of the game in real life

  6. 1:09:50 Toby Fox's best friend and former owner already did that. It was Tumblr's favorite comic ever.

  7. 45:39 So that’s what inspired the old lady from the first episode of smiling friends.

  8. 20:00 this was the exact game I was playing as a kid in the computer lab instead of doing my work

  9. I almost forgot they actually paid someone on Fivver to add to a song in a game that caught me off guard lol

  10. When Lyle, Zach, Chris, and sometimes tomar are in the same room, you know its gonna be good

  11. Is rhe second game just an attempt at recreating Jurassic Park Trespasser?

  12. Chris stole the scout ant idea from Malcolm in the middle

  13. Showed up in my feed just in time for dino month

  14. i was watching this and then i got a Fortnite ad where they rode dinosaurs and a fucking transformer was there💀 what the fuck i can’t make this shit up istg that ad felt like a fever dream.

  15. I want to see one of these visual novel games where a guy who knows broken English writes the dialogue for 99% of the characters, then someone who actually speaks English writes one character and any narration. He just has to work with this weird script that's hard to understand and guide his character through it the best he can.

  16. Dinosaur Savers was unironically freakin awesome

  17. I found out yesterday that there's a whole subculture of adults who obsess over Dinosaurs. They aren't studying to become paleontologists or anything
    They just never grew out of dinosaurs when they turned six

  18. I want them to play Goodbye Volcano High and Snoot Game.

  19. I remember an Arthur episode about Yo Yo Ma

  20. God I'd love to see the boys play Jurassic Park: Trespasser

  21. I cant believe Jurrasic World Dominion stole Dimetrosaur’s plot and somehow made it bad.

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