Comparing the 6 BEST Vampire Survivors Mobile Alternatives | Best Reverse Bullet-Hell Mobile Games

These are the top 6 best reverse bullet-hell games for Android & iOS in 2022. More info below ๐Ÿ™‚

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Mobile games like Magic Survival and are awesome, but which are the very best reverse bullet-hell games? And what is the best mobile alternative to Vampire Survivors? That’s what we take a look at today ๐Ÿ™‚

If your favorite #ReverseBulletHell games aren’t on this list, fret not! It doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best mobile Vampire Survivors alternatives. It just means I haven’t heard about it – or maybe it’ll get included in a future video ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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๐ŸŽฎ Top 6 Mobile Reverse Bullet Hell Games in 2022 ๐ŸŽฎ
Magic Survival | FREE – Portrait
— MiniReview:
— Google Play:

20 Minutes Till Dawn | PAID – Landscape
— MiniReview:
— Google Play:
— iOS:

DarkSurvival | FREE – Portrait
— MiniReview:
— Google Play:
— iOS:

Grimnight Heroes | FREE – Landscape
— MiniReview:
— Google Play:
— iOS: | FREE – Landscape
— MiniReview:
— Google Play:
— iOS:

Gothic Survival | FREE – Landscape
— Google Play:
— iOS:

0:00 Best Vampire Survivors Mobile Alternatives
0:23 Reverse Bullet-Hell Games
0:40 Magic Survival
1:48 20 Minutes Till Dawn
2:54 DarkSurvival
4:03 Grimnight Heroes
6:33 Gothic Survival
7:45 Best Reverse Bullet-Hell Games

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  1. As an old person, this genre immediately reminded me if Robotron.

  2. Survival io is so boring and repetitive
    All of these games pale in comparison to vampire survivors though. Shouldn't even be in the same list.

  3. I feel like this genre has alot of room to grow, look forward to see what some developers do with it.

  4. Bro your youtube channel is sooo good and polished you make me wont to make my own YouTube channel about video games

  5. Magic Survival is SSS tier.
    Personally, I think it's even better than Vampire Survivors.
    Although Vampire Survivors have banger sound tracks while Magic Survival only has depressing rain and ambient sounds.(The menu theme sounds nice still)

  6. THX YOUU!!
    I'm very glad I found this video.
    One thing I absolutely despise about this type of game is that many games like this implement energy system to limit your playtime, and I shit you not these devs absolutely milk this system to get more profit despite the obnoxiously amount of ads inside it.

  7. Gauntlet legends needs to make a return in this genre

  8. 20 minutes till dawn has a free version

  9. Magic survival is one of my favourite mobile games, I've played it for over a year and it has so many fun magics, combinations and mechanics that makes you want to keep playing. It also has a very nice art style and every update they make adds a big new feature. Glad that you put it in S tier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 20 minutes til dawn is fun af, found it randomly scrolling through Google play store and it's actually a hidden gem

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    He died for our sins and was buried and then rose from the dead in 3 days because He love us so much.

    Whoever believe in Him as Lord and Savior will be saved.

    For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Romans 6:23


  13. Fun fact about Dark Survival, there are also area bosses

  14. Too bad, moblie ver. Of 20 minutes till Dawn is free

  15. as of today the best game of this genre is monster survivor io

  16. Vampire Survivors added on mobile he goes to S-tier

  17. Vampire survivors forever in my heart, S tier

  18. Great that you analyse monetization schemes of each game! Thanks!

  19. I hope people know that magic survival came before VS

  20. Through the recent update magic survival has become SSS rated

  21. magic survival added new maps and the magic combination system back!

  22. I recommend the game I made Infinite Tao, It combine Auto Chessโ€˜s system which will have a different experience,

    Very Positive In Steam

  23. glad 20 minutes till dawn is s-tier, i just started playing the game and its been a fun experience!!

  24. 20 minutes to dawn also just came out on steam, instead of using a second joystick and firing automatically, you aim with the mouse and fire manually

  25. Please make a video about offline game like this but no energy needed

  26. 20 waifus till dawn. I play it on Desktop

  27. I do think mage's survival was an reboot or more styled version of magic survival

  28. I need mooooore kind of this games…. More variety of power, passive and even summoned beast/support in them if possible… It would be great if they put something like the 4 great elemental power and summon…

  29. I've been playing mages survival and is a really great game

  30. Magic survivant, got a New update making it more than ten Times better

  31. I started playing 20 minutes till dawn last night and I had unlocked ever characters and weapons with just few minutes of playing

  32. what is the title of the third one in the intro?

  33. I don't think a game should be ranked lower based on it's iAPs. Now sure exceptions would be made for those that literally shove microtransactions in your face, we all know that sucks and can make a game unplayable. But if it has like a separate store page that you as a person yourself have to physically interact with to go to and purchase the microtransactions, you DO NOT HAVE TO INTERACT WITH IT. If you are just soooooooo tempted that you have to spend money on mobile game, you likely should be getting help for a money spending addiction. Unless of course you have the money to spend, in which case, get that microtransaction bread.

  34. Dude magic survival is the best but not for potato phone it get super laggy when everything get messy

  35. Can you make a video about games that are like roto force where the whole map spins when you move?

  36. I use iOS so I cannot play magic survival

  37. Hive Jump 2: Survivors has entered the fray! Adds Jetpack for more unique stage traversal across bespoke levels within a sci-fi aesthetic + Starship Trooper vibes!

  38. beat hazard ultra is amazing but needs updating

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