Can We Win In Territorial IO Today?

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  1. overattacking way too much at the end kylted, you need to attack from red interest to keep generating maximum attacking troops while also having maximum/close to maximum defensive advantage to getting ganged up on. If you want to take out someone with 100 troops in one send, you need to use a little over 200 troops, if you do it in multiple sends it's way higher, so always keep your troops high to generate more and to defend more. Your troop cap is 100 times your income which is equal to your size in pixels.The only time you attack before red interst is when they are far away from red interest (key point) and you want to press your troop lead on them, the troop lead diminishes after you reach red interest and your troop/interst growth slows, also the relative impact of the lead becomes less as the raw numbers get larger, all other times you should wait for red interest.

  2. I'm so glad to see that I don't seem to be playing this game wrong.

  3. just so you know, the bots are just underlined names now.

  4. that last game was quite entertaining! quite risky at times tho! love this content

  5. "probably somewhere near Egypt" he says as he's literally in Egypt

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