BAD ITCH.IO GAMES are back bigger than ever!
Today qzeq swims through the sewage that is called games to bring you such classics as Five Nights At Walters, Super Mafia Bros, and another bad Friday Night Funkin clone!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:54 Smug AI
01:39 Angry Putman
02:18 The Baka Burger Trilogy
03:43 Five Nights At Walters
05:18 World of Tanks FNF Edition
06:44 Grannys Fruits Remastered
07:37 GTA San Andreas 2
08:07 Sussy Mario
09:25 Microsoft Solitaire (Yes, really.)
09:47 Michael Jordan Motorsport 2020
10:28 Super Mafia Bros
11:19 Memesfunnylol (Cory stole my IP)
11:44 Outro

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  1. There"Gud" in "Gud game. "Gud" means butt hole in India.

  2. smug ai litarly says baka to qzeq baka means fool

  3. "Every copy of Smug AI is personalised"

    Eat that Mario.

  4. Qzeq : says s#x by accident
    Smug : and i took that personally

  5. We need a smug ai port for android…NOW!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️

  6. Also, the mario game names is actually "changing mario game to 3d"

  7. 2:15 what the actual fuck. iDont wanna see this ever again. OHHHHH IS THIS A REFERENCE TO GTA ROMANIA?????

  8. granny's fruits is actually the tutorial game from the fucking gamemaker
    i regret ever using it

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