Bad games just keep getting better!
Today qzeq delves through the pile of junk that is the new games section, and finds a new AI friend, a ton of FNAF clones and a bunch more “fun” “games”!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:59 Smug AI
02:55 Amerifat Simulator
03:43 Boot Blast USA
04:06 Call of Buty
04:33 Five Nights At Floppa 2
05:22 Five Nights With Floppa
06:20 Friday Night Funkin Spongebob Edition
06:38 GTA San Andyreas
07:27 GTA SA.EXE
08:06 Windows 95
08:43 Mario Goes To The Store
09:17 Out of Gym
10:19 Rossi Attack
10:43 Steamed Hams Visual Novel
11:48 Golden Apple Installer
12:43 Outro

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  1. 11:57 Im mexican i will translate it for you. No one:
    Students with 148 remaining homeworks: Free day.

  2. 9:36 @qzeq the moment you said "we need to get some" my headset said low battery and just made me die laughing because i thought it was the video

  3. we need a smug ai update that uses gpt-3 lmao

  4. Yeah, I can't listen to this Smug AI character for a whole video. Nails on a chalkboard.

  5. This is a comment down below #2

  6. tbh I hate the smug AI what happened to shit like BonziBUDDY or Clippy?

  7. Why is the dragon from the hobbit an anime girl and on your computer as an annoying useless thing

  8. my youtube is a russian youtuber in my recomedention is funny

  9. I stumbled on this guy channel and I had to subscribe dude is pretty funny 😆

  10. The anime ai girls voice bugs me. It's so high pitched

  11. Was kinda expecting a real open-source GPT AI alternative running a "SMUG AI", Instead it was a list of commands with pre-written responses.

  12. SmugAI is actually a Character from Koikatsu… Which is an H-Game…

  13. The amount of literal pain and suffering you are causing your computer as it is probably screaming “kill me” is nothing but hilarious.

  14. You have to extract the .rar or .zip before executing the exe…. otherwise it will give crashes/problems……..please learn this.

  15. Maybe Smug AI is just the beginning. Maybe we will all have one virtual assistant like that in the future.

  16. Smug ai voice actor is the same as for the roblox game grand piee

  17. i got new phone for china the phone name is sumsumng


  19. Thank you for doing this for me so I didn’t have to disinfect my hardware after.

  20. "The current time is… 4:59m "
    "guys my waifu is gone gtasa.exe destroyed it"
    "works about as well as you'd expect a microsoft product to work"
    "now i just look like hulk hogan"
    "i'm not stopping until my crotch fills my entire screen."

  21. I was not prepared for the blast of nostalgia from the W95 start-up sound.

  22. I ain't installing smug ai, i just wanna install a gif of big smoke breakdancing on the corner of my desktop

  23. NGL. smug AI is the modern version of bonzy buddy

  24. smug ai gave me level 3 bootyhole cancer

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