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  1. I have a higher score then that my high score is 2058

  2. para quedar de primero come lo que esta en el parque

  3. *when you relies your playing against AI and you thought u were good at the game

  4. I have this game finally found somebody that has the same game as me

  5. Um…my highscore is much higher than that, so ur not the world record

  6. You know you can still survive or even win if you strategically swallow the light posts. The trick is to turn in small circles to fit them into you as a small hole. Eventually, you'll grow and even try to do the same with buildings. This way, while others eat each other, you'll be out of the way until you get big and see everything.

  7. Thats nothing I got nearly 2000 I was just off by 10

  8. Saya punya baru Live 19 sangat seronok bermain game ini tanpa data

  9. Me watching me not eat the fence


  10. π™₯π™§π™šπ™¨π™šπ™£π™©π™žπ™«π™šγ‚·οΈŽ says:


  11. I have also maked 1586 points in hole .IO Game

  12. And also I have make 4407 points in HOLE . IO 2 GAME. YOU HAVE MAKED ONLY 1570 POINTS.

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