SSundee shoots barrels and then becomes an ant?!
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  1. Training for 3 years? Nah
    Made 3 years ago? Yeeeeeeeee

  2. Awww that's sooooo cute and you said she has Kurtis

  3. u ruined purple because purple dosent have any ants to collect seeds

  4. Ian in the beginning of the video is that some kind of Vampire lady eating ham burger mean while me : sundee it is not a vampire lady har name is toga is from an anime called my hero academia toga is a villain

  5. eww mady why did you kiss ssundee

  6. I think he is wereing headphones and ear buds

  7. 1:16 um excuse you did you just call toga vampire lady lol 😂 well technically she does drink blood that is her quirk but vampire lady 😂

  8. Ssundee whenever he takes babies:SiKE I LIED YOUR BABIES ARE MiNE

  9. some fps is a my hero acadamya person ssundee XD XD XD
    9:37 ssundee, ur gonna kill me of laughter

  10. The purple colony has been fallen because the queen is the only one left

  11. Ssundee which website did you go to download barrel rampage on

  12. Why derp SSundee had trained that for 3 years and he failed why SSundee crying😫😭

  13. Watching in 2023 miss your old content you used to be a lot more realistic but now your just kinda to childish even for your past content and to toxic… Like I love that toxic content but I feel like you were funnyer back then. 🫤

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