Level Max Easy Kill – Game Play

Can’t believe this, Over power arrow IO Max level.
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  1. I used lucky pather on this game and it worked!!

  2. Now try playing online.

    Edit: it's still easy lol either everyone I play against isnt great or I'm too good. I swear the only time I lose is when I get bored and let s a dragon kill me. Any ranked match is nowhere close.

  3. My highest mark in offline mode is 1300000+. It is true

  4. Can anyone tell me where was this game? I've been searching this on my phone and still, don't find any results of I remember this game 2 years ago. Then it when vanish. I wonder what happened to this game.

  5. You’re actually bad constantly walking into walls.

  6. I mean dont make excuses about being offline,he probably has no internet or its just a guide

  7. Sad that now this game doesn't work anymore

  8. kuya saan mo nilalaro yan sa cellphone o sa computer hindi ko kasi malaro sa cellphone eh

  9. sekarang udah beda guys, ga kaya dulu lagi;)

  10. This game was removed from the play store

  11. Good old days when i play it with friends you can buy characters with coins and gems and now it's deleted or they update it deadly 😢😭

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